President Xi backs HK Gov't

December 16, 2019

President Xi Jinping supports the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s efforts to end the violence in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said today.


Mrs Lam made the remarks this evening after briefing President Xi in Beijing on Hong Kong’s latest economic, social and political situation during her official duty visit.


“This year is a rather special one because in the last six months Hong Kong has been haunted by this social unrest, disturbances and violent acts.


“So I spent a bit more time to give them an account of where things stand, and of course, in their opening remarks they also made comments particularly on this phenomenon.”


Earlier, Mrs Lam briefed Premier Li Keqiang on the situation in Hong Kong.


“As you will notice from the opening remarks of the two leaders, they did endorse the efforts made by the Hong Kong SAR Government and by myself in trying to end the violence that we have seen.”


She noted both President Xi and Premier Li said that Hong Kong is facing an unprecedented situation.


“Given the severity of the situation and the difficulties that we are facing, I can say that the leaders are fully appreciative of the efforts needed in order to achieve the objective.”


The Chief Executive said President Xi also expressed the hope that all sectors in Hong Kong will join hands to return the city to normal.


“That has also been my appeal over the last few months and I hope very much that Hong Kong people will help the Hong Kong SAR Government and support Police in achieving this mission.”

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