Police explain reporter’s arrest

December 16, 2019

Police used minimal force to subdue a reporter who ignored a warning to stop acting in a disorderly way.


Police Public Relations Branch Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung made the statement when briefing the media on the police operation in Mong Kok on December 15.


Mr Kong said: “On that particular occasion, his verbal abuse was very likely to cause a breach of the peace at the scene.


“So our officer had already given him a warning to stop his illegal act or disorderly act and unfortunately he didn’t follow the warning of the officer.


“And after the officer sprayed the pepper spray, he had a bit of physical contact with the officer and so the officer decided to arrest him for obstructing a police officer."


Mr Kong noted that since the man had put up a struggle, the officer used minimal force to subdue and arrest him.


Reporters should avoid staying close to police cordon lines when dispersal actions and arrests are being conducted, he added.

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