Extensive damage caused to HK

December 16, 2019

Rioters have damaged nearly 900 places across Hong Kong since October, Police said today.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen made the statement during a press conference this afternoon.


Mr Kwok said protesters on December 15 vandalised shops and restaurants in New Town Plaza in Sha Tin.


They spray-painted offensive slogans on the floor of the shopping mall and smashed glass panes, he said, adding innocent passers-by could have been hurt.


In one case, a woman who was confronted by a group of masked protesters was pushed, hit with an umbrella, publicly shamed and had her phone smashed, Mr Kwok said.


He noted police officers entered the mall to enforce the law in response to the violence there.


“Not only did the rioters obstruct Police’s lawful actions, but they also threw a smoke bomb at the police cordon line. This posed a grave threat to public safety, especially in a crowded and busy street.


“We have stressed that no place in Hong Kong is a lawless land. Police officers have lawful rights to enter shopping centres or private premises to respond to reports of crimes and to enforce the law.”


According to police records, 897 locations have suffered varying degrees of damage all across the city since October, Mr Kwok added.


“This is the number for reported cases only. The full extent of this man-made disaster is felt by everyone in society.


“I believe most members of the public have clear minds. You can tell right from wrong, to tell fact from fiction.


“Please join us to put an end to all rioting acts and to bring offenders to justice.”

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