Gov’t united in restoring order

December 11, 2019

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung today said the Government will strengthen collaboration among departments and react swiftly to protest developments to ensure that the community will resume normal as soon as possible.


Mr Cheung told lawmakers that he chairs a high-level Inter-departmental Action Task Force to effectively cope with and expeditiously respond to public order events involving escalated violence.


To support Police in stopping violence and curbing disorder, the task force oversees and co-ordinates various actions that bureaus and departments need to take expeditiously and effectively to monitor and respond to the situations, as well as to disseminate information and dispel rumours, he added.


Its work includes expeditious removal of street blockages and speedy repairs to damage done to public facilities to help citizens resume their daily routine as quickly as possible.


Under the task force’s co-ordination and the close collaboration of relevant departments, the Government completed the repair works and reopened the Cross-Harbour Tunnel within a short period of time, Mr Cheung said.


Regarding online messages, the Information Services Department and bureaus and departments have been closely monitoring the situation.


Mr Cheung said when unverified information circulating widely online is stirring up negative sentiment in the community, the Government will make clarifications via multiple channels as soon as possible to allay concerns.


The Information Services Department has set up a dedicated webpage and launched a series of one-minuters on social media platforms to disseminate government clarifications and important messages.


It has also launched a set of TV and radio announcements in the public interest to remind people to beware of various information.


Mr Cheung said the Chief Executive and the political team will continue to engage in in-depth dialogue with people of different political stances and backgrounds in the community to get a better understanding of the deep-seated problems in society and find pragmatic solutions.


The Government will also listen to the community's views before it decides on the timing to set up an independent review committee to examine and review the deep-seated social problems, he added.

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