SJ condemns arson attacks

December 11, 2019

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng today condemned the December 8 arson attacks on the courts.


Speaking to reporters ahead of attending a Legislative Council meeting this morning, Ms Cheng said arson is a very serious crime.


“No one should try and attempt to think that they can get away with arson lightly. It can attract a life sentence.


"Any arson act, which I think is not just before the court, but in various other places in Hong Kong, should not be allowed to continue and should be condemned.


"Insofar as the attacks on the courts are concerned, that is even more disgraceful, and it is very sad to see that people in Hong Kong are attacking our own courts, which are truly independent and have been upholding the rule of law.”


Ms Cheng added the Department of Justice will continue to support judicial independence and the rule of law in Hong Kong.

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