CE to attend Jan LegCo Q&A

December 10, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said she will attend the Legislative Council question and answer session in January.


Ahead of this morning’s Executive Council meeting, Mrs Lam told reporters there were disruptions in LegCo when she delivered her Policy Address and during the Chief Executive’s question and answer session in October.


“Since the beginning of my term, I have attached importance to the relationship between the executive and the legislature. 


“The problem that I am facing is these days, as proven by the two occasions in October, almost whenever I step into the LegCo building and the chamber there would be disruptions to the proceedings and perhaps also undermining the order in the LegCo. 


“So I told myself that perhaps I should give another trial in attending the regular question and answer session in January and if that goes relatively smoothly, of course I am happy to resume the practice of doing a short Q&A or a short question time with the LegCo.”


The Chief Executive added that she has to lead the executive in working closely with the LegCo, which plays a vital statutory role in scrutinising the Government’s business, approving its legislative proposals and supporting government funding requests.

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