Police regret Sunday vandalism

December 9, 2019

Police today expressed regret over acts that breached public peace, which took place after a procession was held on Hong Kong Island.


In a statement, Police said the December 8 event was generally peaceful.


However, some participants deviated from the approved procession route and occupied parts of Gloucester Road and Des Voeux Road Central.


After reaching the procession’s finishing point, a group of protesters, some holding weapons, occupied Pottinger Street and Des Voeux Road Central.


In the evening, some rioters spray-painted the High Court’s exterior walls, threw petrol bombs and set fires outside the High Court and the Court of Final Appeal, damaging government property and seriously challenging the spirit of the rule of law.


A group of violent protesters also vandalised shops and banks in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, completely disregarding law and order.


The statement reiterated that Police are duty-bound to maintain public safety and order. In handling the violent incidents in various large-scale protests over the past six months, the force always exercised restraint, tolerance and patience.


Police stressed that it has all along respected people’s rights and freedom to express views and facilitated all peaceful public events.


It appealed to protesters to remain peaceful and rational when taking part in public events.

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