Police follow up on chemicals seizure

December 6, 2019

Police are investigating the connection between the chemicals seized at Shing Mun Country Park and those stolen from the laboratories of some universities.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen made the remarks at a press conference today.


Mr Kwok said: “Police received a report that rioters had stolen a large number of chemicals from university laboratories and stored them in the vicinity of the Shing Mun Reservoir.


“Upon investigation, we seized a total of 59 bottles of chemicals near the barbeque area of the Shing Mun Reservoir. Among these chemicals, some are highly corrosive or inflammable. Coming into contact with them will cause serious bodily harm.


“Members of the public should make a report if they come across suspicious chemicals and should not come into contact with them.”


He added that Police are investigating whether the chemicals are related to the thefts at the laboratories of multiple universities.


“Previously, Police have received reports from universities about theft of chemicals from their laboratories. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a full list of missing chemicals, which makes our investigation rather difficult.


“We appeal to the universities concerned, to provide the relevant information to us as soon as possible.”


He reminded universities to store chemicals and dangerous goods properly.


Mr Kwok also noted that protesters are calling for a general strike on December 9.


“I must emphasise, not only will this bring great inconvenience to the everyday life of Hong Kong people, this will also pose a grave threat to public safety when rioters build barricades and vandalise traffic lights in order to paralyse the traffic,” he said.


“Please don’t let irrationality take over our daily life.”

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