Police urge public to co-operate

December 2, 2019

People participating in protests are urged to follow Police instructions to leave the protest site when violent acts occur.


Police Senior Superintendent (Operations) Wong Wai-shun issued the advice during a press conference today, adding that officers would not use force if not faced with violence.


“Police have no choice. We will not use force if there is no violence in front of us. Before we use force, we will give a warning. And people there have their responsibility and their duty to co-operate with Police. Leave there.


“The main problem is why people bring these people in? Do they care about their children? Do they care about these elderly? I am not saying the elderly are a problem, I am not saying the children are a problem. But if the situation turns violent, I do not think good people should stay there.”


He urged people to leave as soon as possible if rioters started to cause trouble at the protest site.


“That is common sense and that is logic. That is what we teach our children. They should not break the law. That is the rule of law in Hong Kong. That is why Police use CS (tear gas).”

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