Say no to violence: Police

December 2, 2019

Police today appealed to citizens to make a clean break with radicals and stop letting violence take Hong Kong hostage.


At a press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Kwok Ka-chuen explained the force's operation during a public procession in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday.


“Although the organiser got a Letter of No Objection, a large number of protesters deviated from the approved route of procession. They proceeded to Hung Hom Bypass where they threw bricks and glass bottles onto the officers under the bridge.


“As our warnings were all ignored, our officers had no choice but to use tear gas for dispersal.


“We have stressed repeatedly that police officers are in a reactive mode. If rioters do not commit dangerous or destructive acts, there is no reason for Police to respond with force.”


Mr Kwok urged citizens to join forces with Police to restore peace to the city.


“I am positive that most people in society are tired of the rioting that has crippled Hong Kong over the past six months.


“No political slogan can glorify or justify hard crimes like arson, criminal damage, and assault. The ongoing unrest has taken a heavy toll on society. If we do not make a clean break with all radicals, everyone will be a victim. We should stop letting violence take us hostage.


“Keeping the peace is not the sole responsibility of Police. Every person in society can be a peace broker. It is time to let conversation replace conflict, to let dialogue replace division.”

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