Police safety team enters PolyU

November 28, 2019

A safety team formed by Police entered the Polytechnic University this morning to clear dangerous items, record damage and gather evidence.


Police Assistant Commissioner Chow Yat-ming said the team was assembled to ensure the welfare of people who remain on campus.


“Police have formed a safety team comprising officers from various government departments such as the Fire Services Department, ambulance services and Social Welfare Department.


“And from the Police Force, we have officers from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau, Force Media Liaison Cadre, crime investigation teams, as well as the Police Negotiation Cadre. Today we also have some clinical psychologists joining us.”


Mr Chow explained that the safety team would adhere to two objectives during today’s mission.


“The first objective is the handling of all the dangerous items, such as petrol bombs and corrosives, which I’m sure that you will agree pose a serious threat to public safety.


“Second is gathering of evidence in relation to the crime scene, namely the damages caused to the campus.”


Mr Chow stressed that Police have been adopting peaceful means and a flexible approach to solve the Polytechnic University situation.


“Our ultimate goal is to restore the safety of the school and also to reopen the campus as soon as possible."


Police are duty-bound to handle all dangerous items and finish the evidence gathering at the scene before handing over the campus to the university, Mr Chow added.

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