US bill unwarranted: Edward Yau

November 20, 2019

Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau today said the passage of legislation on Hong Kong by the Senate of the US Congress is unwarranted and unnecessary.


Mr Yau made the statement this morning when speaking to reporters after the US Senate passed the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act and another act on the city.


“When we are talking about human rights and democracy, these are perfect examples that these rights are being protected by the Basic Law of Hong Kong.


“We have seen that all these rights, including rights given to anybody working in Hong Kong, reporting in Hong Kong being protected.


“And that explains why in our statement, we strongly object to any attempt by any country to try to influence Hong Kong's own interests.


“And also that's why I said the US piece of legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives and also the Senate respectively is unwarranted and unnecessary.”


He added the passage of such legislation could send the wrong signal.


“I don't want people to be mistaken. The unwarranted foreign intervention adds fuel to the fire in the rough situation in Hong Kong. Certainly, I don't see there is any possible way that this will de-escalate the situation that we are having.


“So, I would urge people to refrain from meddling in the already delicate situation in Hong Kong. The problem of Hong Kong of course, is a matter for Hong Kong people, the Hong Kong community and our Government. We are trying every endeavour to make good the situation.”

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