Violence could ruin election: CS

November 20, 2019

Whether the District Council Ordinary Election can go ahead on November 24 depends on if the violent protesters are willing to co-operate, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung said today.


Mr Cheung made the remarks during a media briefing with Secretary for Security John Lee, Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau and Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung.


He stressed the Government attaches great importance to the upcoming election.

"This election will be the largest ever. Every single seat will be contested, so it is a very meaningful, really democratic exercise. That is why we are extremely keen, I stress extremely keen to see a proper, a safe, a fair, honest and particularly impartial election this Sunday."


Mr Cheung added that violence could ruin the chances of the election taking place.


"Much depends on the co-operation of violent protesters. It takes two to tango. No matter how committed we are to maintaining law and order, it really counts on whether they co-operate.


"If they start vandalising, start violence, start arsons in many places, blocking the roads, stopping traffic, it will be very difficult for people to go to the election and feeling unsafe, then it will really ruin this election."


He also urged citizens to exercise their right to vote.


"I call on everybody to really treasure this opportunity, cast your vote, exercise a civic right and protect this upcoming election."

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