Appeal to leave PolyU campus

November 18, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Government today urged those who are still at Polytechnic University to leave peacefully as the campus has become dangerous.


Secretary for Security John Lee made the appeal during a media briefing with Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung, Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan and Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung today.


Mr Lee said Police will take appropriate action to resolve the current situation peacefully.


“We are trying to de-escalate the situation, that is why there have been repeated announcements by Police that they should peacefully and orderly surrender themselves at designated points to the police officers.


“If they do that, if they do not resort to violence, then no force will be used. Police will then take appropriate action and the whole thing can be resolved peacefully.”


He noted the Red Cross as well as government social workers and clinical psychologists were sent to the campus to provide assistance.


“Other things that we have done include sending medical teams - which is the Red Cross - into the campus so as to take care of people who are in need of medical service. 


“The Government has also formed a team comprising social workers from the Social Welfare Department and government clinical psychologists to go into the campus to take care of the minors - those who are under 16 years old - and then come with them, so that they can go with these minors together with Police to the police station, so the whole process can be dealt with there.”

Mr Lee added: “The Government, particularly Police, has been appealing to everybody to peacefully and orderly leave the place. That is the best way to deal with it because the campus has become very dangerous.”

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