Gov’t committed to smooth election

November 18, 2019

The Government is striving for the District Council election to be held smoothly on November 24, Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Patrick Nip said today.


Noting that the election is just a week away, Mr Nip said: “The Government’s position is very clear: we will try our very best to enable that the election will be held smoothly and according to schedule on November 24, so that all the 4.13 million registered electors can exercise their right to vote and choose their district representatives.”


However, he said the situation in the past weekend has reduced the chance of holding the election as scheduled.


“I am very worried and anxious about this. I must say that postponing the election is a difficult decision to make and we will not take this step unless absolutely necessary." 


He listed three conditions that must be met for the election to be held safely. 


“First, to stop violence and all kinds of duress immediately. Second, tunnels, highways and roads should cease to be blocked. Third, destruction of transport facilities should halt altogether to prevent paralysing the traffic." 


Mr Nip added the Government is working at full steam in preparing for the election, but that the urgent task is to stop violence.

"I appeal to every member of the community to disassociate themselves from violence. I also call on people with different backgrounds and political views including political parties, professionals, commentators to say no to violence clear and loud. 


“The voting right of some four million people is at stake. Please treasure it and strive to create a safe and fair environment for the election to take place on November 24.”

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