Violence in universities spreading

November 14, 2019

Police today said the use of violence is spreading to multiple universities in Hong Kong.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement at a press conference this afternoon.   


He said rioters reoccupied the No. 2 Bridge leading to the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) after Police retreated from the bridge two days ago.  


Mr Tse said they threw petrol bombs, large objects and trash onto the Tolo Highway below the bridge, seriously endangering road safety.  


“Last night, rioters set fires at different locations in CUHK and even set fire to an electrical control panel. Their acts are another step closer to terrorism.”  


Police are closely monitoring the situation in the university, Mr Tse said, adding that given the large number of petrol bombs and flammable ingredients stored on campus, there may be heavy casualties if there is a fire.


“It is very sad to see the school has been used as a weapon factory and an arsenal with all kinds of offensive weapons like bows and arrows and catapults."  


Mr Tse warned that this alarming trend is spreading.  


“This alarming trend has spread like cancer cells to other universities in Hong Kong like the Polytechnic University and the Baptist University.”


He also dismissed accusations that Police are provoking violence in universities, and stressed that the force only takes actions in response to dangerous and destructive acts.  


“If anyone still has any wishful thinking that they can achieve their so-called political ideals by using violence, it’s time to wake up.  


“No civilised society can tolerate this dangerous and even deadly level of violence, regardless of their political motives.”  


Mr Tse urged the public to cut ties with rioters and join hands with the force to restore the city’s safety.

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