University a suspected arsenal

November 13, 2019

Police today said the Chinese University of Hong Kong appears to have been used as a weapon factory.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement at a press conference this afternoon, during which he explained the force’s operation at the university yesterday.


Mr Tse said the force’s goal was to safeguard the No. 2 Bridge, which leads to the university and is above the Tolo Highway.


Noting that a large number of masked rioters had charged towards the bridge at about 3pm yesterday, Mr Tse said officers had to use force, including tear gas, to disperse rioters and prevent them from dropping objects onto the highway.


Rioters then escalated their violence and hurled petrol bombs, bricks and hard objects at police officers.


Mr Tse said the university, which is supposed to be a breeding ground for future leaders, has become a battlefield for criminals and rioters.


He said: “Offensive weapons like electric saws, bows and arrows were used by rioters to target police officers. Rioters’ violence reached a very dangerous and even deadly level.


“One may ask: where did all these petrol bombs and weapons come from, where were they made, how were they mobilised within such a short time?


“We have strong suspicions that the school was used as a weapon factory.


“This necessitates police response and the use of force, including rubber bullets, bean bag rounds and tear gas for dispersal.”


Mr Tse also stressed that it is unfair to blame Police for the current chaotic situation.


“Who would have imagined a university has become a manufacturing base for petrol bombs and a refuge for rioters and criminals?


“We must make this very clear: nowhere in Hong Kong is lawless. If someone breaks the law, regardless of where you hide, Police have lawful powers to come after the offenders and bring them to justice.


“No excuse, no political demand can spare anyone from legal liability.


”Everyone in Hong Kong has the responsibility to end violence right now.”

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