Students’ welfare a priority

November 13, 2019

The benefit of the students is always of the utmost consideration when the Education Bureau makes special arrangements for schools.


Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung made the statement today after the bureau announced that parents may decide whether their children should go to school this morning, in view of the traffic and emergency conditions and that some major traffic lines have been seriously affected.


“When we consider whether we need to make special arrangements for schools, our first consideration is always the benefit of the students. I think that is the utmost important consideration that we have in mind.”


He added that as the traffic conditions in different districts may vary, parents should take into account the traffic near where they live in deciding whether to send their children to school.


“For the situation this morning, we think that our current system of allowing schools to make school-based decisions and parents to make the decision about whether their kids should go to school or not should be maintained.”


Mr Yeung added that the current situation was not comparable to that of a typhoon.


“I think it is different from a typhoon situation, when the whole of Hong Kong is under the influence or the impact (of the typhoon). But of course, we will keep monitoring the overall situation and, if necessary, we will make the necessary arrangements.”

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