John Lee defends police actions

November 13, 2019

Secretary for Security John Lee today stated that Police are duty-bound to maintain public safety and order.


He made the remarks while speaking to the media in the Legislative Council to clarify why Police were deployed to the bridge leading to the Chinese University of Hong Kong yesterday.


Mr Lee explained that some people were causing a serious danger to the public by throwing things from the bridge onto the Tolo Highway below.


“Police have a duty to ensure that public safety is maintained. That’s why they had to ensure that they would take charge of this bridge - which was previously occupied by mobsters - in order to control it so that no more things will be thrown into the thoroughfare. That’s the first important thing.”


The secretary also pointed out that officers were doing their job when they came under attack.


“When they tried to do what they are required to do under the law to maintain public safety for the good of everybody using the thoroughfare, then they were under attack.


“And of course you could see on television that petrol bombs were thrown at them, so they must act in order to maintain the position and also to defend themselves.


“When something like this, which is so outrageously against the law with a lot of violence causing harm to the people there, particularly police officers, they of course have to take action.”

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