Over 120 roads blocked

November 11, 2019

Police said protesters built barricades and blocked roads at about 120 locations across the city this morning.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung also pointed out that protesters committed organised destructive acts and assaulted people.


“In the most shocking incident, some rioters poured flammable liquid onto a person and set him on fire in Ma On Shan. The man is now admitted to hospital in critical condition and the case is under investigation by the New Territories South Regional Crime Unit.”


Mr Tse noted that Hong Kong has been plunged into this chaotic and panic situation for more than five months.


“Continuing this rampage is a lose-lose situation. For Hong Kong, everyone is a loser.


“We understand the violent clashes that erupted at various districts this morning are still ongoing at this moment.


“We appeal to everyone to please stay calm and rational. We must end all violence before the community can take a breather and recover.”


Since November 4, Police have arrested a total of 266 people, including 212 men and 54 women aged between 11 and 74.


They were arrested for offences including unlawful assembly, possession of offensive weapons, possession of instruments fit for unlawful purpose, criminal damage, wounding, attempted murder, using facial covering while at unlawful assembly and failing to produce proof of identity for inspection.

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