Police probe motorbike incident

November 11, 2019

Police accord high priority to a case in which an officer drove his motorbike through a crowd of protesters.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement in a press conference today.


Noting that a large number of radical protesters took to the streets in Kwai Fong at around 8am, Mr Tse said a rioter splashed unknown liquid at a police officer's face, causing temporary loss of his vision.


“Later, one officer drove his motorbike to approach the site to render assistance in an attempt to separate rioters and the police officers. During the process, the officer was attacked with a hammer."


He said the force understands the public is concerned that the officer drove his motorbike through the crowd of protesters.


“We understand that this is a serious matter, we accord high priority to this case.


“The officer has been suspended from all frontline duties instantly and has taken leave instantly.”


Mr Tse said New Territories South Region is investigating the case.


“If any misconduct arises, Police will certainly follow up,” he added.

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