Student death inquest recommended

November 9, 2019

Police have pledged an in-depth investigation and recommended an inquest into the death of a 22-year-old man who fell from a carpark in Tseung Kwan O on November 4.


The force also expressed profound sadness over the man's death and offered their deepest condolences to his family and friends.


In response to an open letter from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology President Prof Shyy Wei demanding a thorough and independent investigation into the case, Police pointed out that, according to the Coroners Ordinance, the coroner has the right to request Police to submit a death investigation report and to order an inquest into the death of a person.


Police pledged that they will investigate the case in depth, adding that they also recommend a death inquest and will submit a report to the coroner. If an inquest is to be held, all investigation data will be disclosed in open court.


In response to accusations that Police obstructed ambulances and caused a delay in rescuing the man, the force stressed that the rumours are false and groundless.


The Fire Services Department (FSD) also gave a detailed clarification that there was no interaction between ambulance and police officers at the scene during the ambulance call.


The ambulance encountered obstruction from buses and private cars en route, but not from police vehicles.


On the demand for clarification on the cause of the delay from Police and relevant departments, Police noted they held a joint press briefing with the FSD yesterday.


Police attach great importance to the case and appeal to witnesses or drivers who park their vehicles at the location to come forward with information.

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