Police, FSD to enhance guidelines

November 9, 2019

Police and the Fire Services Department will strengthen their guidelines and support frontline staff.


They made the pledge in a joint statement, which said they noticed a verbal conflict occurred between police officers and ambulance personnel when both sides carried out their duties at scenes involving unlawful assemblies, road blockages, arson and other illegal incidents in Tuen Mun last night.


The management of both sides immediately collected information related to the situation from frontline staff and realised that they were facing tremendous stress working under such chaotic conditions. The management recognised the situation and expressed their understanding and concern.


The statement also noted that with the immediate communication among senior management, supervising officers and frontline staff of both departments, a mutual understanding was reached and the incident properly handled.


The two departments will strengthen their guidelines and support frontline staff to avoid a recurrence of unpleasant incidents.


In response to the continuous illegal and violent incidents, officers from both departments will continue the arduous tasks with mutual understanding, support and co-operation in the hope of restoring social stability as soon as possible, the statement concluded.

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