Arrests not linked to election

November 9, 2019

Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs Patrick Nip today said there is no correlation between last night’s arrest of pan-democratic legislators and the District Council Election.


Speaking to reporters, Mr Nip said Police are doing their job by investigating every individual case and taking appropriate actions when ready.


“As regards the District Council Election, as I have made the Government’s position very clear, it is our very clear objective to have the very important District Council Election be conducted smoothly and peacefully."


To achieve this, Mr Nip said, needed the concerted effort of the whole community, adding that the Government will ensure all the necessary contingency measures are in place.


“It is very important for the whole community to calm down and to stop violence, so that we can have a relatively peaceful environment for the candidates and their supporters to do their campaigns. Also, on polling day, the electors can feel safe to go to the polling stations to cast their votes.


“We will do all the necessary contingency measures and try our very best to have this very important election be conducted smoothly and peacefully.”

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