Full probe into student death

November 8, 2019

Police will thoroughly investigate the death of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology student.


Police Kowloon East Senior Superintendent (Operations) Foo Yat-ting made the statement during today’s press briefing.


“This case is under investigation by the Kowloon East Regional Crime Unit. We pledge that we will spend every effort to investigate the cause of his death. We will also recommend a death inquest. All information about this death will be heard in an open court.”


Ms Foo rejected accusations that police officers had chased the student before he fell from a carpark and explained that Police were initially deployed to the scene to disperse protesters.


“The first time, they entered to conduct patrol, but the deceased was not yet inside.


“For the second time, they entered while fire services officers were already rendering first aid to the deceased.


“There are accusations that police officers chased after the man before his fall. We must clarify that this is certainly false.”


Ms Foo urged the public not to heed protest calls as a result of the case and encouraged anyone with helpful information to share it with Police.


“We are aware that some netizens have called on others to stage protests tonight and over the weekend. There are also radical comments made online.


"We appeal to members of the public to stay calm and rational.


“We appeal to members of the public to provide any useful information to Police so that we can find out the truth as soon as possible.”

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