Peaceful election urged

November 7, 2019

The Electoral Affairs Commission strongly appealed to the public to stop all threats and violence in support of holding a peaceful and orderly election.


In a statement issued today, the commission noted the 2019 District Council Ordinary Election will be held on November 24 and that over 4.13 million registered electors are eligible to vote.


It said violence or any improper conduct should not interfere with voting rights and that the election needs to be held in a peaceful and safe manner.


"The electioneering activities of candidates and their supporters are getting more and more frequent as polling day draws near. The commission calls on all sectors of the society to exercise restraint, respect and be inclusive to people with different views.


“We are devoting all efforts to prepare for the election and formulate contingency plans for possible incidents, to ensure the election can be held in an open, fair and honest manner.


“However, it is important to note that the smooth proceeding of election owes much to the full co-operation of all Hong Kong citizens to create a safe environment for Hong Kong."


The commission pointed out that Hong Kong is under the rule of law and urged the public to use the principles of lawfulness, fairness and reasonableness to resolve controversial issues.


"There have been successive occurrences of protests, confrontations and violent incidents in society recently, especially during weekends. Candidates of the District Council Election and public figures are assaulted, offices of members of the Legislative Council and District Councils are vandalised. The situation is indeed worrying.


“The commission is an independent, apolitical and impartial body established under the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance, responsible for organising and supervising public elections in an open, fair and honest manner.


“If anyone thinks that the election is interfered by corrupt or illegal conduct, or there is a material irregularity, candidates and the electors of the relevant constituency can make election petitions to query the result of the election, which will be determined by the court.”

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