Police to combat online crime

November 6, 2019

Police will strictly enforce the law against those committing illegal acts through the Internet, Secretary for Security John Lee said.


Answering legislators’ questions in the Legislative Council today, Mr Lee noted that over the past few months, a lot of false information has been circulated online and through social media, especially a vast amount of fake news and baseless accusations that targeted Police. 


Most of these unsubstantiated messages twist the facts, create panic in the community, deepen the confrontation and division in society, and disrupt the police-community relations, he said. 


The Government strongly condemns the wilful spread of these rumours online and will endeavour to provide the relevant facts and information to dispel the false information. 


Mr Lee urged the public not to believe fabricated online rumours and remain objective and rational.


He added that Police will continue to closely monitor potential criminal activities online, conduct targeted searches professionally on public online platforms for pertinent criminal information, and take enforcement action. 


The Government will not tolerate any illegal or violent acts, or acts that prejudice public safety or public order, and will take stringent follow-up actions.

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