Police condemn rioters

November 1, 2019

Police strongly condemned rioters’ violent and monstrous acts in Mong Kok last night.


At today’s press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung said rioters again damaged public properties and assaulted people.


“History repeated itself in Mong Kok. Rioters started street fires, inflicted extensive damage to public properties and transport facilities.


“In the most alarming case, rioters surrounded a man, beat him up, struck him with long umbrellas, kicked and stomped on him so brutally that he became unconscious.


“What’s worse, at that point, a rioter used a suspected stun gun to attack the victim who was left with bloody and life-threatening injuries. This dangerous violence is monstrous.”


Mr Tse said possession of a stun gun is an offence under Hong Kong laws, liable to a maximum penalty of $100,000 and 14 years’ jail.


He also pointed out that Police seized homemade mechanical bombs on a flyover in Prince Edward.


“This kind of bombs are made with gas cans commonly used for cooking hot pot, but are indeed very dangerous and destructive when ignited.


“We express the strongest condemnation against this escalating violence.”

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