Good discipline encouraged

October 28, 2019

Police stated that in order for press conferences to function well, good discipline is crucial.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the remarks after some reporters interrupted today's media briefing.


“The 4pm Police press conference is a key communication channel between Police and the general public.


“Through this press conference, we disseminate some key information and make clarifications before holding a Q&A session for reporters. Different media will live-stream our press conference on TV and online.


"In order for this press conference to function well, good discipline is crucial. We certainly object to any acts calculated to interrupt our speech or hijack this press conference,” he said.


Mr Tse also explained that if reporters have inquiries, they are free to ask questions during the Q&A session.


“If particular organisations have to raise some concern, they can make use of public channels of communication to bring the matter to our attention.


“Interrupting the press conference deprives citizens of their right to access our information. We express deep regret for the interruption by individual reporters.”

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