Rational expression urged

October 28, 2019

Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung reaffirmed that police officers are duty-bound to respond to violent acts and called on society to revert to rational and peaceful means of expression.


During today’s press conference, Mr Tse said: “It is both upsetting and alarming to see rioters wreak havoc on our society and push Hong Kong’s core values, including the rule of law, to the brink of total collapse. 


“When these rioters are wrecking shops, setting buildings on fire and hurling petrol bombs in residential neighbourhoods, we police officers are duty-bound to respond and contain the situation.”


He also explained that police officers are facing both physical and psychological violence which no civilised society tolerates.


“No matter how horrible the situation, our officers still have to stand at the forefront to protect Hong Kong. Not only do they suffer the threat of physical attacks by rioters, but they also face the huge psychological pressure from doxxing and harassment to their family members.


“No civilised society tolerates such physical and psychological violence. We sincerely appeal to every member of the public to revert to rational and peaceful means of expression.”

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