FSD sets the record straight

October 24, 2019

The Fire Services Department today said fire appliances and ambulances will not be used for police decoy, dispersal or arrest operations.


Fire Services Department Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Headquarters) Derek Armstrong Chan made the statement at a press conference this afternoon.


Mr Chan clarified that the department lent its non-emergency vehicles to Police.


“We have lent two 24-seat minibuses to Police for general use. When we lent the vehicles to Police, we have removed all the Fire Services badges and the Fire Services vehicle registration number plates, so there is no decoy element.


“Those are only general purpose vehicles, not the frontline fire appliances or ambulances. The appearance of the two vehicles is just like minibuses.”


He stressed that the department has to ensure the delivery of emergency services and will not lend its fire appliances and ambulances to Police.


“For the future, the fire appliances and ambulances will not be used for police decoy or dispersal or arrest operation. First of all, we do not have spare resources. We have been stretched to our limit in handling the situation of public order events.


“Secondly, letting Police use our vehicles for decoy or dispersal operations will seriously affect our delivery of emergency services. And Police understand our situation, so they will not make such a request, so it won’t happen.”

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