Gov’t to boost HK's image

October 23, 2019

The Government will devote more efforts and resources to promote Hong Kong and rebuild international confidence in the city once peace is restored.


Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development told legislators today that the violent incidents in the past four months had impaired Hong Kong’s international image and affected all business sectors, with the tourism, retail and catering industries bearing the brunt.


Moreover, the trade war between the Mainland and the US also had a negative impact on the Hong Kong economy.


Despite the present situation, Hong Kong has not yet seen any large-scale outflow of capital and talents. Its institutional strengths and core competencies are still recognised by many international institutions.


However, Mr Yau said, should demonstrations persist and escalate, it will have a longer-term impact on Hong Kong’s business environment and make the subsequent recovery process more difficult.


To alleviate the pressure borne by small and medium enterprises and citizens amid an economic downturn, the Government announced multiple rounds of support measures, the latest round being announced by the Financial Secretary yesterday.


On the tourism front, Mr Yau noted he announced today, with the Tourism Board and the Travel Industry Council, a new measure to provide travel agents with incentive payments based on the number of visitors or travellers they serve.


The commerce secretary added that he hoped the measure can give timely assistance to the trade.


Mr Yau said once peace is restored, the Government will collaborate with relevant organisations, chambers of commerce and professional bodies, to devote more efforts and resources to carrying out promotional work and other measures to rebuild international confidence in Hong Kong.

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