Cash incentive scheme set

October 23, 2019

The Government today announced it will roll out a cash incentive scheme to support travel agents and other tourism-related industries.


Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau unveiled details of the scheme this morning.


Under the scheme, travel agents will get $120 for each inbound overnight visitor, and will be provided $100 for every outbound traveler.


The quota for each agent is 500 and every agent can receive up to $60,000.


The plan is expected to be implemented in November and will last for four months until the end of March, 2020.


The total amount involved is estimated to be about $100 million. The cash will be issued by the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong to travel agents.


Mr Yau said the scheme aims to give travel agents a cash incentive to attract more visitors.


“This is very much needed at this point of time because of the very drastic reduction in visitors to Hong Kong. And we’re also hoping that this would provide a pass-on effect to some of the other industries which are related to tourism.”


He noted the tourism industry is in the economic doldrums.


“Any short-term relief of this nature would hopefully provide them with a certain relief and also an incentive for them to sustain their businesses.”


The Government will roll out more measures to help the industry in the future, Mr Yau added.


“When law and order is restored, we should be mounting a more massive and extensive campaign overseas to invite visitors to come again.”

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