Taiwan urged to facilitate surrender

October 23, 2019

Secretary for Security John Lee has urged Taiwan to facilitate the surrender of the Taiwan homicide case suspect, instead of laying hurdles and restrictions.


Addressing the media today, Mr Lee said the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has been making every effort to assist Taiwan authorities in their investigation, adding that the process must be conducted in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and under the city’s legal framework.


“In one of our letters, which was sent to the Taiwan authorities, we did explain at that time that the request for information was made at a time when the proceeding in Hong Kong against the accused was already in progress. So we had examine all the legal implications before we could consider what we could do. 


“But after this case has been concluded and as the accused has already indicated that he will surrender, we will of course be offering what is possible under our legal system, under our laws, the information that is requested by the Taiwan authorities. 


“But one thing which is very important is that the accused person has already indicated his willingness to surrender, and it should be handled quickly, without hindrance, so that justice is done.”


Mr Lee also noted that actions by Taiwan authorities, including changing its position now and then and making accusations against the HKSAR Government, are not prudent to ensuring justice in the case. 


He concluded by urging Taiwan to accept the accused person’s surrender, rather than laying hurdles and restrictions.

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