Sensible approach to surrender urged

October 22, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Acting Chief Executive Matthew Cheung today called on Taiwan authorities to handle the surrender of the Taiwan homicide case suspect with common sense and compassion.


Mr Cheung made the statement ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning.


He noted the suspect is wanted by Taiwan authorities and that the order for his arrest is valid for 30 years. 


Mr Cheung said: “I really appeal to the Taiwan authorities to tackle the matter with common sense, with compassion.


“We’re talking about somebody who’s willing to surrender himself and get back to Taiwan to face trial and also to ensure justice is done.


“I think it’s common sense that we should try to provide every facilitation on that score.” 


Mr Cheung also urged Taiwan authorities not to complicate a simple issue.


“Do not try to exploit politics in order to really achieve a certain gain at the expense, particularly of justice.


“At the moment I still hope a breakthrough could be found and i.e. the suspect could be returned to Taiwan as soon as possible.”

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