Homicide suspect to surrender

October 18, 2019

The Chief Executive received a letter from Chan Tong-kai today expressing that he has decided to surrender himself to Taiwan for his alleged involvement in a homicide case there, upon prison discharge.


He has requested the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to assist him in making the relevant arrangements.


Chan is currently serving a prison sentence for money laundering offences.


On December 3, 2018, the Taiwan authorities issued a warrant of arrest for Chan, and indicated at that time that the time bar for prosecution for his alleged offence was 30 years.


Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau today received a letter issued by the Hong Kong Police Force, relaying Chan's decision to surrender himself to Taiwan.


The letter also conveyed that the Hong Kong authorities would assist Chan with the relevant arrangements, and provide the necessary and legally feasible assistance to Taiwan in this matter.


With regard to the criminal prosecution against Chan, the Government noted the Department of Justice does not have sufficient evidence against him on the charge of homicide in Taiwan.


The department thoroughly examined the Police investigation and the evidence collected, and prosecuted Chan for money laundering committed in Hong Kong.


Chan was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 29 months' imprisonment, which he is currently serving.


Regarding his alleged offence in Taiwan, Hong Kong courts have no jurisdiction over it.


The local authorities also do not have any grounds to extend Chan's detention or pursue the offence that he was alleged to have committed in Taiwan.

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