Rally objection explained

October 18, 2019

Police today explained why they issued a letter of objection for a public procession planned for this Sunday in Kowloon.


Police Public Relations Branch Acting Chief Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung said Police take into account various factors when handling applications for holding public order events.


“We will consider a wide range of factors including proposed location and route, the expected size of the crowd, and whether the organiser has the capability to manage the gathering. We will also draw on our recent experience of dealing with public order events, which have very often descended into chaos.”


He also said every application is considered on a case-by-case basis.


“Past experience shows that recent public order events are often hijacked by a group of radical protesters to commit violent acts like setting buildings on fire, hurling petrol bombs at police officers and into crowds, wrecking public properties, and launching brutal attacks on police officers and innocent citizens.


“What is more alarming is that some rioters used homemade bombs in a recent protest. In another case, our officer was stabbed in the neck by a rioter showing a clear intention to take his life.”


Mr Kong pointed out Police objected to this application for holding a public procession mainly based on concerns about public safety, public order and the protection of rights and freedoms of others.

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