Electric car charging scheme set

October 15, 2019

The Government said today it will prepare a $2 billion pilot scheme for private residential estates to install charging facilities for electric cars.


The Environment Bureau said the objective is to help resolve technical and financial problems often encountered in installing such facilities.


Providing the infrastructure will help owners of parking spaces to install chargers according to their future needs.


The scheme will also help electric car owners charge their cars at home and at night to optimise non-peak hours’ electricity use.


Speaking to the media today, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong noted that under the scheme about 60,000 parking spaces with such facilities will be provided in about three years.


Mr Wong expects that with the combination of the new scheme and a previous scheme based on gross floor area concessions, that one-fourth of all private residential estates' parking spaces will be charging-enabled.

The bureau said it will immediately consult stakeholders to work out the details.


The Government noted that the scheme is yet another programme aimed at encouraging car owners to switch to electric cars.


It follows a plan launched earlier this year to allocate $120 million to increase the number of chargers in government car parks.


“I think the scheme should be welcomed by relevant stakeholders with a view to promoting electric vehicle applications in Hong Kong,” Mr Wong added.

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