Policy Address focuses on housing

October 15, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said her 2019 Policy Address will focus on housing and land supply.


Mrs Lam made the statement ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning.


She said: “For tomorrow’s Policy Address speech that I will make in the Legislative Council Chamber, I will be more focused and I am sure you would agree that the most important livelihood issues that the Chief Executive should address would be housing and land supply.”


Mrs Lam said that in addition to the Policy Address, the Government will produce a Policy Address Supplement.


“My 2019 Policy Address, as you know, it is a sort of midterm Policy Address. So, I have decided some time ago, well before these social unrests, that perhaps it is a good idea to give a comprehensive account of what we have done since we took office on July 1, 2017.


“The Policy Address Supplement provides an account of each and every one of the policy areas, starting from our philosophy - What is our philosophy in housing? What is our philosophy in education? - and then supported by the progress that we have made in the last two years. 


“I am happy to say that we have announced some 500 initiatives in the last two Policy Addresses and the achievement rate is close to 97%. So, 97% of the initiatives have been either completed or are in progress according to the plan.”


She also said the Policy Address will present some of the challenges the Government is facing and list out new initiatives.


“Despite the problems we are facing, which means that we could not put in a lot of time and attention to the production of this Policy Address, we have come up with over 200 new initiatives in the various areas.”

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