Help protect rule of law

October 14, 2019

Police today said rioters and criminals are destroying Hong Kong’s rule of law and called on citizens to help bring the city back on the right track.


Speaking to reporters, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Tang Ping-keung said officers yesterday seized a homemade bomb for the first time during the social unrest.


Mr Tang noted that at around 8pm yesterday, explosives erupted near police vehicles that were passing through Nathan Road in Mong Kok.


Police believe it was intended to attack its officers, Mr Tang said, adding it is a highly dangerous act that can cause heavy casualties.


He strongly condemned the manufacturing of explosives.


Mr Tang also said that some rioters threw petrol bombs inside operating Mass Transit Railway stations, posing a grave danger to passengers’ safety.


He said: “I must reiterate that these people doing violent acts are not protesters. They are indeed rioters and criminals that are destroying our rule of law.


“Whatever causes they claim they are fighting for can never justify such triad-like behaviour.


“If you still tolerate such acts, you are simply inciting them to escalate their violence.”


Mr Tang also appealed for public help and support and called on citizens to play their part in helping to restore law and order.


He urged members of the public to cut ties with criminals and rioters and help Police bring Hong Kong back on the right track.


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