Victims urged to call Police

October 11, 2019

An escalation of violence by rioters has plunged Hong Kong into a panic situation and any citizen who falls victim to criminal acts should call Police for thorough investigation.


Police Public Relations Branch Acting Chief Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung made the statement at a press conference today.


Mr Kong said over the past four months, the escalation of violence used by rioters has plunged Hong Kong into a chaotic and panic situation.


He pointed out that masked rioters wrecked public properties, and damaged and disrupted transport facilities.


They also set buildings on fire, hurled petrol bombs at police officers and into crowds, and even attacked innocent citizens with opposing views.


Mr Kong said: “Recently, we have even recorded alarming cases of blackmail targeting businesses, and illegal roadblocks.


“I appeal to every member of the public to reject any form of violence.


“If you fall victim to any criminal acts, please do not hesitate to report to us. We will do all we can to investigate and bring Hong Kong back on the right track.”

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