Police access rights explained

October 10, 2019

Police have the right to enter any premises upon reasonable doubt that a crime has occurred.


The force issued a statement today in response to concerns after Police arrested security guards.


The statement said according to the Police Force Ordinance, Police have the right to enter any public or private premises, including housing estates, shopping arcades, Mass Transit Railway stations, etc upon reasonable doubt that a criminal offence has occurred.


It said Police have all along been aware of security and property management industries’ concerns regarding the right of accessing premises for Police’s execution of duties.


Since August, Crime Prevention Bureau officers have contacted major property management companies and related associations to explain the relevant provisions and rights, including the point that if one deliberately obstructs police officers from performing their duties, he or she may have breached the Offences against the Person Ordinance or Police Force Ordinance.


Police will be in close contact with security and property management industries and offer them information for staff training in a bid to ensure concerted efforts in maintaining the city’s law and order, the statement added.

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