CS explains anti-mask law

October 10, 2019

It will take time for everyone to familiarise themselves with the new anti-mask law, Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung said.


He made the statement during today’s press conference when asked whether the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation is effective, adding it is too early to make an informed comment.


“It came into operation only at midnight last Saturday, so it is only a few days now. It takes time for everybody to familiarise with that regulation.”


The secretary made it clear that he is confident the regulation will assist Police.


“I am sure that given time, this will act as an effective deterrent to help Police in its enforcement work.”


Mr Cheung further stressed that the Government is not trying to suppress protests as a result of the new rule.


“We have no further intention, particularly in the context of the Policy Address, of devising new measures to clamp down on protests.


“We never clamp down on protests, we only clamp down on violence.”

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