Freedoms respected: SJ

October 5, 2019

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng today said there should be no cause for concern over the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation undermining freedom of expression in Hong Kong.


Meeting the media after attending a radio programme today, Ms Cheng said Hong Kong respects the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and privacy, but such rights are not absolute.


“And therefore, by regulating or providing the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation, it provides a balance in light of the current situation.


“In the past, people had been participating in these protests, demonstrations, meetings which were peaceful and in accordance with the law, in other words, they had been notified to Police where such is necessary. These had not caused any problem. 


“So we really fail to see why there is this concern, bearing in mind that we not only have the laws that respect the rights and freedoms, we also have laws that will regulate employment regulations."

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