HK float joins National Day parade

October 1, 2019
Vibrant showcase
Vibrant showcase:

A performance on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s float by the City Contemporary Dance Company showcases the city’s energy and cosmopolitan characteristics in Beijing.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s float took part in the National Day Parade in Beijing today to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


Themed “Hong Kong In”, the float was designed to look like a moving ship to symbolise how the city is constantly moving forward in development and progress. 


Its hull and eight sails displayed Brand Hong Kong’s flying dragon logo together with colourful flowing ribbons to show the city’s dynamism and connectivity as a world-class gateway linking the country with the rest of the world.


The three-tier progressive colour gradient on the hull signified the intertwined layers of Hong Kong’s vibrant and diverse culture, while the overall festive decor captured the joyful, celebratory ambience of the 70th anniversary.


It also showcased five models of present and future iconic structures in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Palace Museum, M+ Museum, Xiqu Centre, Hong Kong Science Park and the West Kowloon Station, to highlight the city's developments in arts and culture, innovation and technology as well as infrastructure.


Additionally, two giant video walls on the Hong Kong Palace Museum and M+ Museum models showed videos to highlight various aspects of the city.


Complementing the colourful visuals and videos, a performance on the float by the City Contemporary Dance Company reflected Hong Kong’s energy and cosmopolitan characteristics as Asia’s World City.


The float will be on display at the Beijing Olympic Park from October 2 to 7.

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