Stamp out violence now: Police

September 30, 2019

Police are deeply concerned about public safety in Hong Kong as recent actions taken by protesters are bordering on terrorism, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung stressed today.


Mr Tse made the remarks to reporters ahead of National Day.


“All acts are one step closer to terrorism. We are deeply concerned about the public’s safety tomorrow and we express the strongest condemnation against all criminal and violent acts.”


Noting that it is beyond residents’ imagination that such social unrest and widespread violence could have crippled Hong Kong for 17 weeks straight, Mr Tse said it is time to halt violence lest hardcore rioters push the city to the verge of extreme danger.


“Please stop gathering in front of police cordons, stop charging at police officers, stop setting fires, stop assaulting innocent citizens, and stop damaging public properties.


We all should stand together to stamp out violence right now,” he concluded. 

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