Police call for peaceful protest

September 27, 2019

Police appealed to the public to express their opinions in a peaceful and rational manner this coming weekend.


At today’s press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung urged protesters to avoid violence.


He said: “We regret to see peaceful protests yet again being hijacked by radical protesters to inflict indiscriminate attacks on innocent citizens and commit violent acts, like throwing petrol bombs.


“Please allow me to remind you that arson and hurting others with petrol bombs are serious offences liable to life imprisonment.


“I must emphasise no excuse, no propaganda can justify or glorify such acts of violence. We all should stand up to stamp out violence right now.”


Mr Tse added that the Government aspires to resolve dissension through dialogue.


“The past three months have seen continuous unrest and have divided families, friendships and fraternities.


“Deep wounds have been opened in our society, these will take time to heal. The Government has said they hope that conversation will triumph over conflict.”

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