Gov't condemns illegal acts

September 22, 2019

The Government has strongly condemned radical protesters' illegal behaviours in various districts for the second day in a row, adding that Police will follow up in accordance with the law to bring lawbreakers to justice.


The radical protesters blocked roads, set fires and hurled petrol bombs in Sha Tin today, jeopardising the safety of members of the public.


They extensively vandalised MTR Sha Tin Station, hindering people from using its service, as well as disturbed shops and damaged the facilities at a mall.


The radical protesters' behaviour was not only illegal, but also completely disregarded the rights of other members of the public and was extremely selfish.


Some people removed a national flag from its pole and desecrated it in various ways in Sha Tin, challenging national sovereignty. The acts also allegedly violate the National Flag & National Emblem Ordinance and the offenders are liable to a fine and imprisonment for up to three years.


In addition, protesters assembled at MTR stations such as Tsing Yi, Nam Cheong and Kowloon, while some people vandalised the facilities at MTR Kwai Fong Station and disrupted train operations, affecting MTR services. Radical protesters also blocked roads and set fires near Mong Kok Police Station, posing a danger to the area.


The Government strongly condemns radical protesters' violent and vandalistic acts.


In response to online advocacy to disrupt the airport's operation today, Police and relevant parties worked together to adopt effective measures, ensuring the airport's smooth operation. The Government thanked all parties for their hard work.

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