Violent acts condemned

September 21, 2019

The Government has strongly condemned radical protesters' violent and vandalistic acts carried out in Tuen Mun and other districts today.


Following the conclusion of a procession in Tuen Mun, radical protesters conducted violent and vandalistic acts in various places in the district, breaching the public peace.


They blocked roads, set fires and hurled petrol bombs, jeopardising the safety of police officers and the public at the scene.


They also vandalised Light Rail stops and placed objects on the track, leading to the suspension of the service and potentially affecting the safety of its operation.


Some people assaulted a police officer and attempted to snatch his revolver, while some maliciously trampled on and burned a national flag, challenging the national sovereignty.


After nightfall, the radical protesters' violence and vandalism spread to other districts with some blocking roads, setting fires and hurling petrol bombs in Yuen Long and besieging and attacking Mong Kok Police Station.


The Government strongly condemns the radical protesters' violent and vandalistic acts which completely disregard law and order.


Police will take law enforcement action against illegal activities to protect people's safety and restore public order.

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