Defamation not tolerated

September 20, 2019

Police will not tolerate defamation and have been proactive in disseminating information to the public.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement during a press conference today.


He said in response to online rumours and fake news, Police have made about 40 rebuttals. They also held 34 press conferences and issued 486 posts on social media and 210 press statements.


“We also made good use of videos, standup briefings, radio phone-ins and media interviews to let the public learn more about our work.”


Mr Tse said Police value the importance of accurate and updated information, adding they have taken a proactive approach in disseminating information to the public and clarifying media enquiries.


“As much as we respect citizens’ freedom of speech, we must all stress the importance of telling the truth.


“We do not tolerate any acts intended to slander our 30,000-strong organisation nor do we tolerate any fearmongering tricks used by certain ill-intentioned people.


“We will continue to try our best to seek the truth in all we do.”

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